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What about all the bad things Christians have done to the Jewish people over history?

First of all, we agree 100% that there have been terrible evils done to our people over the past centuries by so-called Christians.

First of all, we agree 100% that there have been terrible evils done to our people over the past centuries by “so-called” Christians.  A prominent Messianic Jew named Dr. Michael Brown even wrote a book about this for Christians to read.  It is called "Our Hands are Stained with Blood" and it is available on our web store or on Amazon.  We highly recommend it.

So let's clarify this objection….

  1. There are hypocrites in every religion.  Even Jesus spoke about this when He said “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.“ (Matthew 7:21)  Those people who persecuted the Jewish people certainly fall into this category.  They took the name “Christian” externally, but internally they were evil people who had no connection with the Messiah.
  2. The Messiahship of Jesus is not dependent upon what others did centuries after Him.  That is simply not logical.  If so, then we could say that Benedict Arnold (great traitor of America) now discredits the United States of America as being a nation.  It simply does not fit.
  3. Anti-semitism was around long before the first century.  If you read the book of Esther (in the Jewish Bible or what is called the Old Testament by many), the anti-semitic Haman was around and hated the Jewish people and wanted them destroyed long before even the first century.

Anti-semitism is basically this.  The Jewish people (due to their calling) remind people of the existence of God.  Many people do not actually like God (surprise!) and wish they could “hurt Him.” 

Since their arms are a bit too short to hit God – they try the next best thing – they hit someone who reminds them of God.

It would be like this.  If I was in High School and someone did not like me.  If they wanted to hurt me and could not – they would do the next best thing – hurt someone who means something to me – like my brother.  Thus, they indirectly hurt me that way.

That (in a very very simplistic form) is the basis of anti-semitism.  Certain people hate God.  Even people who have called themselves “Christians.”

But if you let their evil behavior keep you from even considering if Jesus is the Messiah or not – you are giving them power over you from the grave.  They still control you.  Let that sink in.