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Are you interested in having a Jewish Believer in Jesus share in your:

  • Home fellowship,
  • Bible Study,
  • Sunday School class or
  • Church service?

Then you have come to the right place. In over 50+ years of ministry, the Rock of Israel has shared in almost every single major evangelical denomination.  

We can share on:

  • “Jesus in the 7 Feasts of Israel
  • “Messiah in the Passover” (An interactive Seder Meal experience – see photos above)
  • and more

Home groups note: If you can gather at least 15 people in your home, then we can come and share a “Messiah in the Passover” service at your own location.  (Schedule early as slots fill up very quickly for the spring season!)

Fill out the form below or use the Contact Us page and we will get back with you asap.

Here are some actual comments we have received over the years:


“Thank you ever so much for the time and energy spent on our behalf last month.  You hit at the roots of our hearts as well as our spiritual ancestry.  I have been bombarded with requests to have you return.”
Rev Stan Zurcher
First Church of the Nazarene
Kokomo, Indiana

“Doug held a presentation for us entitled, “Jesus in the 7 Feasts of Israel.” It was a wonderful evening.  Doug is a great speaker and our people were very interested in the subject matter.  I would highly recommend him to others.  I sensed God’s Spirit as he spoke and I believe that we could have gone on another hour with questions.  We would love to have Doug back next year!”
Rev. Dave Anderson
First Church of the Nazarene
Danville, Illinois

“Our congregation greatly appreciated Doug’s leadership at our Holy Week, “Christ in the Passover” meal.  Doug shared his good humor, personal warmth, and love for Jesus effectively as he led our service….It was an educational, inspirational, and delightful time of fellowship and worship.  I would recommend the meal and Doug’s leadership to any church considering the Messianic Seder experience.”
Rev. John Hostetter
Trinity United Methodist Church
Rensselaer, Indiana

“Thanks for coming to our church this past week to share with us….  I had studied this before, but it was good to hear it from a Jewish perspective.  The rich insights you shared really opened up the eyes of our members to a better understanding of God’s magnificent plan.  I have heard more positive comments from your presentation than from any guest speaker we have ever had.  I would like to schedule a Passover Celebration with you for this spring if you have any openings available…”
Rev. Dewey Hughes

“Doug shared with our church this past Sunday.  His message, Jesus in the 7 Feasts of Israel was extremely well received by our congregation. Several people said it was a tremendous help in understanding the relationship between the Old Testament and Jesus the Messiah…. Doug was warm and friendly with everyone, easy to work with, and had a good sense of humor….  Our leadership team is already making plans to have Doug back.”
Rev. Dennis Hammons
Shawnee Heights Baptist Church
Muncie, Indiana

“We were extremely blessed by Brother Doug and his ministry.  He gave one of the clearest teachings on Jesus in the seven feasts that I’ve ever heard.  I plan on having him come back in the future to ministry again.  If you choose to have him come to your church, I can say without hesitation that you will be blessed!”
Rev. Kent Jackson
Bridgeport Assembly of God
Bridgeport, Illinois

“This was an excellent service.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning.”
Rev. Robert Kirtlan

“I am not in the habit of writing letters of recommendation, because they tend to flower the facts and embellish truth…..  All this said, I have been so impressed that I now come forward to introduce and recommend very highly Doug Carmel of the Rock of Israel organization..”
Rev. Dave Leisman
Valley Farms Baptist Church
Lansing, Michigan

“Let me share this unsolicited referral….  Doug was with us last fall, and presented the message “Jesus in the Jewish Feasts.”  I was gone on vacation, but later learned what a mistake it was to be gone….  One church leader said, “I learned more in a half hour from Doug than I have in ten years of studying the Bible.”
Rev. Dean Rhine

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can we expect from a service with you?

A: You can expect that we will be professional and courteous as a minister of Messiah should be.  We are there to edify and to be a blessing.  Those in attendance will definitely be much more knowledgeable about Jesus and the Jewish people after this service.

Q:  What are the financial requirements?

A:  A  free-will love offering after the message is what we hope for.  This is one of the main ways that we see God move to help provide for the ministry (and ultimately our wives and children.)

Q: Are there travel expenses?

A: No, not officially.  But if we have to drive a long distance,  $50 (as a separate check from the offering) would sure help offset the very high cost of travel.  (Please remember that it may cost us $50 - $100 in gasoline alone for a round trip to your area).  

Q: What denominations have you spoken in?

A: Since 1971, we have spoken in Assembly of God churches, Nazarene churches, Southern Baptist churches, American Baptist churches , Lutheran churches, United (Global) Methodist churches, Mennonite churches and many other evangelical denominations.  While we believe doctrine is very important, our goal when visiting is to stick to the topic we were invited there for, namely “Jewish ministry.”

Yes Please send me free information about possibly coming to share with my group!

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