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So who doesn’t like free?

We have included some E-books that we hope will help bring you closer to the God of Israel and the Messiah of Israel.  (We hope to be adding more.)

Reading about God builds faith.  And faith is the ”stuff” that God wants in us.  He is worthy of trust and reading helps build that trust.  After all, what good is any relationship without trust?

Downloads are in .pdf format.  After they open, just click the download icon in your pdf reader and they will download onto your device.  Enjoy!

They Thought for Themselves. Ten Jewish people who decided to investigate what Jewish people are told not to do. The results, fascinating.  Download Here.

Rock of Israel Messianic Products CatalogOur latest Messianic Products Catalog   ROI catalog

Messianic prophecy in the Holy Scriptures Here

Excellent audio message from our Board member on Moses Leadership.  Scriptural and humorous too! Here

Hebrew New Testament pdf download Here