Our Staff and Board

The People of Rock Of Israel Ministries

Doug carmel

Doug Carmel

On staff for 24 years

Doug was born in New York City to an Israeli (Sephardic) father and Jewish (Ashkenazi) mother.  

He went to Hebrew school, was Bar-Mitzvah and could understand Yiddish. 

After college, at 21 years old, he met the Messiah and it changed his life.

To read more of Doug’s story click here.

robert specter

Robert Specter

Ministry President: On Staff for 36 years

Robert Specter, President of Rock of Israel Ministries since 1992. 

Robert was born in the country of Haiti while his father, Hyman Specter, served the people of Haiti bringing them the message of Messiah.

Robert’s father, Hyman, grew up in a traditional Jewish household in Southern California.

As a young adult, Hyman had found that Jesus is the Messiah and wanted to tell it to the whole world.

Though Hyman is gone now, Robert has picked up that mantle and has traveled to Europe, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Finland, Japan, Hungary, and of course, Israel.

This has given him a global perspective. His travels and experience point to one overriding belief or philosophy, “We must allow God to make us His Light to the Nations just as Israel was meant to be.”

debbie - office


Office Manager 10 years

Debbie is a Jewish believer in Jesus.  She takes care of almost all the administrative office functions which helps things running smoothly.  Debbie is married with two grown sons.


Office Support 10 Years

Monica loves the Jewish people and has a real heart to see them come to their Messiah.  She is married and has two grown children.

Rabbi Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf

Board Member

Michael Wolf is the Messianic Rabbi of Beth Messianic Synagogue in the Greater Cincinnati area (Loveland, OH.)  

Michael was raised in a traditional Jewish home and came to faith in Messiah in his twenties.

Michael is a well respect author of several books, a film maker and a board member of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America (MJAA).

A link to a full copy his movie “Sound of the Spirit” can be found on our video page.  A short clip of the movie is here.

His congregation link is here

A TV interview with him can be seen here.


Dr. Hal Carter

Board Member

Dr. Hal Carter is Emeritus Professor – School of Electrical and Computer Systems University of Cincinnati
Hal has helped with website issues, with accounting procedures and all other technical computer issues.  Hal and his wife reside in Ohio.

Jeff Adler

Board Member

Jeffrey Adler is the Messianic Rabbi of Congregation Sha’arey Yeshua in Indianapolis.

Rabbi Adler comes from a family with five generations of Messianic Jews.  A native of Cincinnati, he has a Master of Divinity degree and has led Messianic synagogues is Cincinnati and Indianapolis since 1978.

Rabbi Adler has held offices in the Messianic Alliance of America and the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations.

He has spoken and taught at congregations all across America, as well as in England.

Additionally, he has spoken and taught the Word of God at many Messianic Jewish conferences, both regional and national, and on several occasions has taught Yeshiva courses for the IAMCS (International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues). His congregation link is here

richard david

Richard David

Board Member

Richard is a Jewish believer in Jesus.  He is originally from New York City and briefly worked as one of the writers on “Saturday Night Live” in the late 1970’s before he came to faith in the Messiah. 

Richard worked in television and radio for many years.  Richard and his wife Debbie are world travelers. They reside in Ohio.

rodney dukes

Rodney Dukes

Board Member

Rodney Dukes, though semi-retired now, had been in ministry for 45 years. 

Over those 45 years, he has touched many, many lives having pastored congregations in Florida, Kentucky and most recently, Ohio.   He has a tender heart and desires to see people grow in the Lord.  He and his wife live in Ohio.