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Engaging Jewish People with the Messiah



Jesus Made Me Kosher

Jesus makes people kosher! Who is Yeshua and how can He make anyone kosher?

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The Disciples of Jesus were Jewish and had Jewish Names

If you are reading this article, it means that you are wanting to be informed about the Jewish roots of the faith. We are glad...

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Ten Reasons Why Isaiah 53 is not about Israel

Hint: It's actually about the Messiah of Israel.

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The State Fair of Texas

Ends October 20th Visit our booth at the State Fair of Texas Sept 27th - October 20th

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The Tulsa County Fair

Ends October 6th Visit our booth at the Tulsa County Fair Sept 26th - Oct 6th

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The Canadian National Exposition

Ends September 2nd Visit our booth at the Canadian National Exposition (Toronto) August 16th - September 2nd

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The New York State Fair

Ends September 2nd Visit our booth at the New York State Fair August 21st - Sept 2nd

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A gift for you....

If you are Jewish and not yet a believer in Yeshua - we have a Gift for You!

Just send us a note on our "contact us" page and let us know that you are Jewish and not a believer. 

We would be happy to send you a free book in the mail called "Messianic Prophecy in the Holy Scriptures."

You may also download it for free here